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  • Our principle consultant has five years’ experience working as a tree officer. He can therefore give expert advice as to what works will be acceptable to the Local Authority and handle the application in a professional manner.
  • As protected trees can be very emotive to local residents, here at Tree Matters we understand the need to manage works in a sensitive manner. Our team can also help liaise with neighbours and other stakeholders to minimize any contentious issues.
  • Our consultants can give expert advice where the are protected trees may be affected by a potential development. They can also provide reports in support or a potential planning application.
As we become increasingly aware of the importance of trees and their role within our environment, it is becoming even more crucial that we manage them in a balanced, sustainable manner. Here at Tree Matters we take our ecological responsibilities very seriously and undertake all our operations in compliance with all environmental protective legislation. We also dispose of all our debris through a licensed green waste recycling facility and therefore the customer can be assured that all works we undertake on their behalf are being completed in an environmentally responsible way.
We are committed to delivering our services in compliance with all legislative requirements, to industry best practice and in a balanced sustainable manner.
Within Tree matters with have highly knowledge and experienced consultants and tree work operatives. We use modern well made plant and machinery and work to industry best practice.

Protected Tree’s

Tree Tips from Tree Matters St Albans

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) provide legal protection of trees which bring significant amenity benefit to the local area. They are served by the local planning authority (LA) and prevent any tree works being undertaken unless permission has been gained from the LA.

There are exceptions to this, when permission is not required but largely these are only when a tree can be considered to present a significant risk to people.

TPO’s don’t prevent an owner from undertaking tree works, it just means that an application has to be submitted detailing the location of the tree, a quantified description of the works being requested and explanation of the reasons for wanting to undertake those works.

Illegal works to trees can bring prosecution resulting in a criminal record and fines of up to £20,000:00

Tree growing within a conservation with a stem diameter of greater than 7.5cms at chest height, are also protected and require notification of any intended works to be given to the Local Authority (LA). If the LA wish to prevent the works from taking place they will then serve a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on the tree.

Like TPO’s a conservation area doesn’t prevent works from being undertaking it just means the works have to be justified.

Again, illegal works can bring prosecution resulting in a criminal record and fines of up to £20,000:00.

Tree Matters can provide advice in respect of protected tree and deal with the application process if necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and we recycle it through a licensed green waste recycling centre.
Yes, we hold 5 million pounds public liability insurance.
Yes, the only time when the price will change will be if the client has agreed to additional work. However, prior to undertaking the additional the price be agreed with the client. There will be no hidden cost.
Yes, on completion of the work the crew leader will ensure that the client is happy with all aspects of the work including the condition of the surrounding area.
Yes, you can cut the overhanging branches back to the boundary, although you should offer the cut branches back to the owner. However, you can not enter the owners land to undertake the works or cut any part of the tree growing within the owner’s property. If you neighbor does have a “problem tree” then often with sensitive communication a satisfactory solution can be agreed. Tree Matters can help with this communication.

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  • Did you know...?

    2% of the UK’s land area is covered by improve ‘ancient woodland’. This is woodland that has existed since the 1600’s in England and Wales (since the 1750’s in Scotland). Their ecosystems are complex and rich in wildlife. Sherwood Forest is the largest concentration of ancient trees in Northern Europe, with over 1,000 oak trees each up to 1,000 years old

  • Did you know...?

    The oldest tree in the UK is thought to be a yew in Scotland, estimated to be around 3,000 years old!

  • Did you know...?

    Even after they die, trees continue to be an important ecosystem. As they decompose on the forest floor they provide shelter and food for a diversity of organisms.