As a company, we pride ourselves on our customer care. Ensuring that we deliver the service as promised in an open and transparent way. The company works to industry best practice adhering to all government legislation, using modern well-maintained equipment and at a cost that represents true value for money.

Tree Matters offers both consultancy and contracting services to fulfill the needs of both the private householder as well as commercial customers.

Within the company we have highly qualified and experienced operatives who can undertake all tree work operations in a professional and safe way, and to an exceptionally high quality.

Our Customer Pledge

At Tree Matters we are determined to deliver a high-quality professional service, offering sound expert advice, outstanding work and craftsmanship and at a price that offers the customer true value for money.

In order to deliver this Tree Matters will:

  • Respond to customer contact within 24 hours of that first contact
  • Provide expert advice consistent with modern arboricultural thinking and not that which is just financially lucrative
  • Operate in an honest, open and transparent manner so that the customer is fully informed and understands exactly what they are getting
  • Operate within all legislative requirements and to industry best practice including British Standards 3998:2010 and 5837:2012
  • Use only highly trained and well-equipped staff
  • Operate in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way include processing debris through a licensed green waste recycling facility
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In short, Tree Matters genuinely puts the customer first in order to provide an excellent level of service.


We understand the needs of commercial customers can be complex and sensitive. Tree Matters can offer the commercial client a full suite of arboricultural services, from providing bespoke reports, liaising with Local Authorities and other stake holders as well as undertaking difficult sensitive tree work operations. We do this in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way, ensuring that our commercial customers arboricultural needs are met in a highly professional manner.


We will respond quickly to your enquiry, arrange a site visit to assess your tree issues and then provide expert balanced advice. If work is required, we will then supply a competitive quote to undertake those works to an exceptionally high standard. Should the trees be protected by a Tree preservation Order or be growing within a Conservation Area we will undertake the application process to the Local Authority on your behalf and liaise with any effected neighbours.


Tree Matters highly experienced consultant can provide a full range of consultancy services to all our customers, helping them manage their trees in a balanced and eco-friendly way and in compliance with all legislative requirements.

The company consultant is highly qualified, holding the Royal Forestry Society Professional Diploma.  He has many years’ experience working within the consultancy field, including 5 years working as one of the tree officers at St Albans District Council. This gives the company the ability to give expert advice with a real insight into local needs and requirements.

However, what makes us truely unique is our commitment to provide a complete tree management service that put the customer first.

5+ Nice Employees

10+ Satisfied Clients

500+ Happy Trees

Meet The Team

David Dearsly - Principle Consultant

I have worked within the contracting industry for 15 years, during which time I studied for the Royal Forestry Societies Professional Diploma, which I passed in 2012. This qualification is widely considered within the arboricultural profession to be the premier consultancy level qualification.

  • Did you know...?

    2% of the UK’s land area is covered by improve ‘ancient woodland’. This is woodland that has existed since the 1600’s in England and Wales (since the 1750’s in Scotland). Their ecosystems are complex and rich in wildlife. Sherwood Forest is the largest concentration of ancient trees in Northern Europe, with over 1,000 oak trees each up to 1,000 years old

  • Did you know...?

    The oldest tree in the UK is thought to be a yew in Scotland, estimated to be around 3,000 years old!

  • Did you know...?

    Even after they die, trees continue to be an important ecosystem. As they decompose on the forest floor they provide shelter and food for a diversity of organisms.