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A Professional Tree Management Services Company

Tree Matters is a St Albans based professional tree management services company, that not only offers truly expert advice but can also undertake all tree work operations, no matter the size or difficulty of that work. The company operates in the Hertfordshire, North London and the surrounding areas, providing both consultancy and contracting services to fulfil the needs of the private householder as well as the commercial customers.

Tree Management Services in St Albans Tree Matters

A full suite of arboricultural services, from bespoke reports, liaising with Local Authorities and other stake holders to undertaking sensitive tree work operations
We are committed to providing a friendly, customer focused service to all our residential customers
We take our ecological responsibilities very seriously and undertake all our operations in compliance with all environmental protective legislation

Contracting Services

Tree Removals

Where the space allows the safest and quickest method of removing a tree is to “straight fell” it

Custom Reduction

This method is ideal where a tree is believed to be too large for its growing environment

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning involves the removal of smaller diameter branches from within to produce a less dense crown

Stump Removal

As the name suggest this is the removal of a stump, either left from a previous felling operation or from a failed tree.

Tree Planting

The supply of high-quality tree stock and subsequently planted in line with industry best practice

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting involves the removal of the lower branches to increase the height above ground level

Consultancy Services

Development Site Surveys and Reports

Health and Safety Surveys and Reports

Tree Health and Condition Inspections

Subsidence Risk assessment and the provision of Pre-Purchase Reports

Protected Tree Planning Application

At Tree Matters you'll receive:

  • A complete tree management service
  • Highly qualified and experienced operatives
  • Costs that represents true value for money

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    • Did you know...?

      2% of the UK’s land area is covered by improve ‘ancient woodland’. This is woodland that has existed since the 1600’s in England and Wales (since the 1750’s in Scotland). Their ecosystems are complex and rich in wildlife. Sherwood Forest is the largest concentration of ancient trees in Northern Europe, with over 1,000 oak trees each up to 1,000 years old

    • Did you know...?

      The oldest tree in the UK is thought to be a yew in Scotland, estimated to be around 3,000 years old!

    • Did you know...?

      Even after they die, trees continue to be an important ecosystem. As they decompose on the forest floor they provide shelter and food for a diversity of organisms